Vertical Services

We offer a wide range of quality services to companies, individuals and communities becoming owners where access by other means difficult and more expensive the price significantly. Adjust the most of our budgets using 1st quality products.


The vertical working techniques allow quick access in a simple, unassembled scaffolding or hoisting gear, getting a good service at a cost less than conventional systems and without disturbing access to vehicles or pedestrians. The vertical work permit systems, having no physical structures, leaving a completely clear visual aspect of the workplace. Execution in inaccessible places, it is much easier, flexible and fast.


The climbing and caving techniques are at the service of the vertical work ensuring their safety. All materials E.P.I. andsecurity systems are certified and comply with European regulations.Las técnicas de escalada y espeleología se ponen al servicio del trabajo vertical garantizando su seguridad. Todos los materiales E.P.I. y sistemas de seguridad utilizados están homologados y cumplen la normativa europea.